Surely it has been your turn to shake someone's hand and realize that their palms are frozen, or, you yourself experience these changes in temperature in hands and feet , ... Have you asked yourself why?

This symptom can be part of the call Cold hands syndrome or Raynaud's disease , an alteration of the way in which the blood flow runs from the arteries to the skin, giving the skin a blue, white and reddish coloration, due to a narrowing of the blood vessels, either when it is cold or the person is under a heavy stress load.



Hands and feet, in addition to cold, can become numb and, when such episodes are frequent, have sores and skin infections, which cause pain, burning and itching.


Other areas

Although this syndrome occurs most frequently in the hands and feet, it can also occur in the ears, nose, mouth and nipples.



- Blue, white and red tone in hands and feet (or affected areas)

- Sensation of tingling (when the blood flow returns to its channel)

- Dry skin

- Sores

- Gangrene (severe cases)



Depends on the case, but usually involves the taking of drugs, whose effect is to keep the blood vessels dilated, to stop the problems of circulation.

It is important that in the low temperatures, people suffering from it keep the affected areas warm, for example, using gloves or thick socks; and avoid situations of stress.

With any of these signs, it is vital to go to the doctor to receive an opportune diagnosis.


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