How to treat them?

Sure if you've had a doggie, you've heard phrases like "It came out because you were watching pornography"; "Sure you saw some dogs mating"; phrases that are nothing more than a myth. The cause of doggies , also known as styes, is the inflammation of sebaceous glands of the eyelid.

The perrillas can be very annoying, since they cause pain , tearing, and even, sensitivity to light


How to treat them?

They usually heal themselves, but to speed up the process you can apply wet and warm compresses three to five times a day on the eyelid. This will soften the hard part that blocks the sebaceous gland and, therefore, facilitate drainage.

If a week goes by and the dog does not heal, it is important that you go to the doctor to check it and determine if it is necessary to use antibiotic ointments, corticosteroids or some other stronger treatment.

Otherwise, the dog can grow, to the degree that it affects your vision.

If you have one, do not hesitate to treat it, your eye health is at stake.


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