GeriatrIMSS new model of care for the elderly

In order to grant their Elderly beneficiaries specialized geriatric and gerontological care, through preventive measures, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) has implemented the GeriatrIMSS program.


The doctor Gustavo Esquivel Romero , coordinator of Medical Programs of the Division of General Hospitals of the Institute, pointed out that the strategy consists of the organized response of the Social Security before the increase of the aging population in the country.


The central vision of GeriatrIMSS, said the expert, is to link all possible areas so that the health care of the Elderly be comprehensive.


In the Mexican Institute of Social Security , the user population is in a range of 20 to 70 years, but the demand for care in physical medicine and rehabilitation, for example, has increased in the last 50 years among the beneficiaries of 60 years in 69.7%.


The doctor Gustavo Esquivel Romero He explained that the IMSS user population that exceeds 60 years of age is just over 6 million and half of them are over 70 years old.


The specialist noted that among the most frequent diseases in people who exceed the sixth decade of life are diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart conditions , malignant tumors, and prostatic hypertrophy, the latter in the case of men. Also present are osteoarthritis, bone fractures, mainly hip, and disability.

Video Medicine: Villa Cristo Rey Instituto Geriátrico (March 2024).