Protect your heart like this:

Today September 29 is the World Heart Day and the motto of the 2018 global campaign is: 'My heart, your heart '

It's about telling ourselves, the people we care about and the people around the world: "What can I do now to take care of my heart ... and your heart?"

In accordance with Francisco López Jiménez , Cardiologist Mayo Clinic, the heart disease are the main cause of death in most countries of the world.

However, the specialist states that the 70% percent of these (including heart attacks) can be to prevent , following certain Healthy habits .


Protect your heart like this:

- Exercise regularly (at least three times a week)

- Control your stress levels

- Follow a healthy diet, including fruits, vegetables, cereals and be reduced in salt, sugar and animal fat

- Do not smoke

- Avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages

- Maintain a healthy weight

- Perform periodic checkups of blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels

Your heartbeat is in your hands. Lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of your heart as it deserves!

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