When it is very hot and the UV rays are higher, most of us concentrate on using sun blockers for protect our skin , but the eyes They are also exposed to suffer damages that can be prevented

According to data from the World Health Organization , one of the ailments caused by UV rays Over the eyes Are the waterfalls (opacity of the lens, located behind the iris) that, in the long run, can cause blindness . The WHO says that every year three million people they lose their sight .



A prolonged exposure to the sun not only can burn the skin , if not also the eyes , manifesting in irritation, redness, tearing and pain .


Eye diseases due to UV rays



Benign growth that stands out in the conjunctiva of the eye and it expands towards the cornea . In some cases it causes blurred vision.



You can focus on different areas such as eyelids, orbit or in the retina .  


Solar retinopathy

It's when you burns the retina , because of contemplating a sun eclipse without protection. The injury in most cases is irreversible.



Benign tumor yellow, which appears on the conjunctiva , at a short distance from the cornea , and that can grow with the passage of time. In severe cases, and when the tumor grows on the cornea, it can cause blindness.



Inflammation of the cornea , whose signs are tearing, blurred vision, pain and constant blinking.



Use sunglasses with UV blocking filter , the bigger the better

Use umbrella

Use of cap or hat

Carry one diet that includes foods rich in vitamins A, B2, C and E , that keep in good condition the view .

The UV rays they are present regardless of the temperature, time or time of the year. Take care of your eyes all day and keep them healthy.



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