Cataracts first cause of blindness in Mexico

Most of the waterfalls they are related to aging, but there is another type that can appear after a surgery, an injury or a wound; even, there babies who are born with this problem.

These occur when the crystalline (the lens of the eye) becomes opaque; affects the view and can occur in one or both eyes and are not transmitted from one to the other.

According to National Council for the Prevention and Treatment of Visual Diseases , this condition is the first cause of blindness in Mexico. It is a condition that can be diagnosed and treated effectively: 98% of the surgeries of waterfalls they are successful and uncomplicated and 95% of patients they improve his vision.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the doctor José Luis Merino He explains that it is the frequent causes of cataras:

Symptoms of a cataract

1. Cloudy or diffuse vision . In some cases, double vision or with multiple images in one eye 2. Changes in the way you see colors . Lucen faded or without brightness 3. Vision with flashes or with white spots . Sometimes it perceive the light of the sun or the lamps too bright . 4. Loss of night vision . Especially when when driving in car lights, there is a kind of aura around them 5. Frequent changes in graduation of glasses or contact lenses.

The National Eye Institute, of the United States (NIE, for its acronym in English) studying new risk factors in the development of waterfalls , including the detrimental effects of prolonged exposure to Sun rays and the role of genetics. In counterpart, it also analyzes the results of some vitamin supplements who have proven to delay their progress.

What can you do to protect your sight

1. Use sunglasses and hat that block the UV rays

2. Stop smoke 3. One good nutrition , which includes green leafy vegetables, fruits and foods rich in oxidants. 4. Anyone over the age of 60 should have a complete eye examination with Dilation of pupils , at least once each two years .

If you start to notice sensitive changes in the view or you have discomfort in the eyes go immediately to ophthalmologist; let's not forget that a early diagnosis and proper treatment can save your sight, If you already have a diagnosis of this condition, the doctorJosé Luis Merino explains how the treatment is:

Remember that protecting your eyesight in adulthood is key to having a dignified old age, so the generation of healthy habits such as having a balanced diet, exercising and quitting smoking, are key to achieving it.

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