Discover your best version ...

Start with you! According to coach Julio Marco Barros before getting the best out of you it is necessary that you find yourself, since "the basis of personal development lies in self-knowledge".

For it you can perform the following exercise : write on a sheet three strengths and weaknesses that you have, then ask this to the people you love, and compare the answers.

It is important because your thoughts will be key so that better your person and life situations. This is how the expert Ricardo Ponce.


Discover your best version ...

After knowing who you are, look for the positive side. For what? A study of Harvard School of Public Health, affirms that being an optimist takes care of your heart. It frees you from negative thoughts like depression , anger and hostility that can alter your vascular health.

This is not all, take what best of you it is a process that is based on small actions. Here we give you 5, with information from Marco Barros.

1. Happiness is inside you; do not look for it outside.

2. Rate today! Is your life really difficult? You regularly think about the lives of others, and compare your own with them. Without giving value to what you really have.

3. You attract what you think. If you think that everything will go wrong, it will be, because it is what you want.

4. Be generous. The real gift is to give without expecting anything in return. It is also the best key to avoid disappointments

5. Set challenging and exciting goals, but realistic. You are the best person that can motivate you.

To get the best out of you, do not give such importance to matter. If you put your illusions in the hands of monetary aspects, it is most likely that you are building unhappiness instead of happiness.

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