Avoid them to preserve healthy skin!

The fried foods they are tempting and irresistible, but abusing their consumption could be the cause of aging premature.

A study in charge of Eric Boulanger , expert in biology of the University of Lille , France, confirms that the oil frying at more than 120 ° C has a chemical reaction (glycation) that accelerate the aging vascular, which causes greater rigidity in the arteries and hypertension .

Glycation is a chemical reaction between the sugar that carries the blood and the collagen Y elastin (fibers of the skin ) that causes these tissues to harden and gradually lose elasticity and tone, which causes the appearance of wrinkles .


TheMexican Foundation for Dermatology (FMD) suggests that skin Being part of the body is constantly renewing itself, it is important to have a diet healthy and balanced to avoid the damage by the accumulation of free radicals and toxins that damage the cells.

Since fried food causes us to lose collagen in the skin , GetQoralHealth presents the top 5 fried foods that accelerate the aging process .


Avoid them to preserve healthy skin!

1. French fries The National Academy of Pharmacy of France states that "potatoes fried at temperatures above 120 ° C generate a chemical reaction that produces toxic products that in turn accelerate the aging vascular"

2. Donuts. They are a sweet temptation, just that it is a fried food, saturated with sugar, flour and trans fats. Sugar and fried oil contribute to the inflammation and it affects the layer of collagen of the skin .

3. Breaded. Foods prepared with flour absorb a lot of oil and are difficult to to digest In addition, as they take time to fry, they are exposed to high temperatures which could cause the chemical reaction of glycation .

4. Fried chicken. This is a common and quick dish to prepare, but consuming it in excess accelerates the process of aging of your body, since a lot of hot oil is needed to cook it.

5. Hamburgers. Due to its high trans fat content (obtained from frying oils) it causes the skin to be neglected, opaque and accumulate grease They also obstruct arteries of the body.


Monica Katz , Argentinean specialist in nutrition, says in an article published in the newspaper Tiempo Argentino, that by eating fried foods chronically without taking care of the good condition of the oil, a process of oxidation in the body and the spread of free radicals , processes directly related to the aging .

So if you do not want to age early, it is recommended that you avoid these five fried foods that will make you look older. Choose to cook food with water or steam.