Tips to choose tennis to run

Run is a exercise So simple that sometimes we do not stop to think about everything that entails, which extends to all the implements that are necessary to carry it out, such as footwear or running shoes ; however, a bad choice in the shoes can cause severe injuries.

Therefore, one of the fundamentals to choose a good footwear is that it should not stay too fair or too loose, approximately should be about half a centimeter between the longest finger and the tip.

In an interview with GetQoralHealth, the expert in Nike, Martha Herrera , explains some other tips to choose a suitable footwear for run and perform other physical activities:

It should be remembered that run It involves three phases, according to

1. Impact In this phase the heel hits the ground.
2. Support. Where the sole of the foot is in contact with the ground.
3. Drive. When the fingers cause the displacement.

Pronation occurs when in the second phase: the foot "sinks" inward. Supination is the opposite reaction, "sinking" towards the outside, and the neutral tread is in which there is no sinking of the foot, being the axis of linear displacement.

Therefore, when choosing your shoes you should always try on both feet, since one of the two is usually larger than the other. If they remain large, the foot will move inside, producing displacements that cause nail problems, lack of stability and impulsion, overheating of plants, chafing and blisters.

Try to walk with them through the store to try to notice their cushioning, stability, flexibility and lightness, and perceive if you feel comfortable or if any piece or defect bothers you. In addition, it is important to wear the socks that we normally use for run and try them with them.

Remember that the election is the beginning of your sports practice, so before you start run It is convenient to try your footwear at home to begin to mold it at your feet and on the third or fourth day perform a gentle trot to adapt them better. Then you will be ready to go out to run and have fun

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