Spray alcohol without side effects

The French designer Philippe Starck and the American scientist David Edwards have partnered to create a small aerosol that allows you to enjoy the "pleasure of the alcohol "without worrying about its side effects.

According to information published by excelsior.com.mx, the aerosol, baptized as WA | HH Quantum Sensations, has a capacity of just two milliliters, but that amount is enough to offer up to 25 sprays that stimulate the brain "without risk of losing the senses, not to mention getting drunk".

The spray provides a sensation of lightness that vanishes practically at the moment, because the alcohol released in each dose is a thousand times less than a normal drink, but leaves in the body, according to its creators, a gustatory sensation and an intense capacity for evocation .

The consumer who tries a dose will get a state of "distraction" sought by its creators to safely put a little salt to life, "as if it were a magic wand". In the following video, more details are explained:

"Everyone has an occasional need to escape, but our societies and our codes of entertainment have led to excessive alcohol consumption, as a kind of social placebo," Starck said in the statement, stating that he wanted to achieve that same effect without fear of regrets.

The small spray, which promises to "reinvent" everyday experiences, can be filled, according to its creators, with other types of aromas and applied directly to the mouth or food, with the same potential to provide a sensation equivalent to a thousand times higher.

In addition, with this alcohol spray you would forget the famous breathalyzers, which will pass without problems. It is an alternative idea for people who struggle every day to stop alcoholism and detoxify their body without adverse effects. So far it is only available in the countries of Europe. If you want to know more information, visit www.excelsior.com.mx

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