5 reasons to stop drinking

The consumption of alcohol It is normal among youth, because it is the age at which social gatherings begin; however, this implies a problem when the intake can not be controlled. Therefore, the most healthy for your mind and body is to stop drinking excessive amounts of this liquid.

The specialists assure that a moderate amount of alcohol It will not generate immediate damage to your body, it can even benefit you (as is the case with Red wine ), but the ideal is to avoid it to take care of your body and protect them. Thus, GetQoralHealth gives you the following five reasons to stop drinking:

  1. Impacts on the brain: Alcohol has negative effects on the brain . According to a study of Wellesley College, people who drink record a progressive brain reduction.
  2. Your heart is in danger: Alcoholic drinks raise the blood pressure and weakens the cardiac muscle and the ability to pump blood . Sometimes it provokes myocarditis .
  3. It damages your stomach: Stop drinking is a good idea to protect your digestive system, because alcohol increases the production of gastric acid, increase the risk of suffering Cancer Y esophagitis .
  4. It affects your sexuality: The intake of alcohol decreases the libido and, therefore, sexual activity. When you suffer from alcoholism you can register erectile dysfunction; In addition, it alters hormones feminine
  5. It generates liver cirrhosis: It is well known that large doses of alcohol damage liver health, which increases the risk of suffering hepatitis alcoholic, liver fatty e jaundice .

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , Jessica Paredes Durán, psychologist of FISAC , explains what the tolerance of alcohol in the body:

Remember that when drinking alcohol Too much physical dependence is added to a mental obsession. In short, the alcoholism is a disease that must be overcome with the help of family members, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists, who will help overcome the crisis, especially the abstinence syndrome .

Therefore, stop drinking is an action that you will thank with time and you will achieve that your body, your mind and your emotions are more balanced, which will trigger a higher quality of life. And you, how much alcohol do you consume per day?

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