7 effects of alcohol on the body

During these holiday celebrations it is very common abuse in the consumption of alcohol which causes considerable damage to our body. Here you will find 7 reasons why it is advisable to abstain from the intake of alcoholic beverages and thus avoid havoc in your body:


  1. In the brain , alcohol in excess inhibits the functions of the frontal region, so it decreases memory, capacity of concentration and the self-control .
  2. In the liver , the effects of this metabolization are sickness , vomiting and headache.
  3. In the kidney , it eliminates more water than it ingests and causes the body to look for it in other organs. This causes that the meninges (membranes that cover the brain) lose liquid what generates the headache.
  4. In the stomach , alcohol increases acid-rich secretions and improves digestion, but when drunk in excess causes erosions in the stomach mucosa produced by ethanol, the main component of alcohol. The heartburn It will be greater if different beverages are mixed, since gastric irritation is due to all the components drunk.
  5. On the skin , alcohol increases blood flow, so it presents more sweating .
  6. In the lungs , alcohol accelerates breathing. If the circulating alcohol is too much it will stop the breathing .
  7. In the heart , the effects of alcohol cause an increase in cardiac activity and acceleration of the pulse. When alcohol reaches the blood, there is a decrease in the sugars present in the circulation, which causes a sensation of weakness and physical exhaustion.

When several of these factors are conjugated, the hangover or raw is presented. Some studies reveal that it is a product of the metabolic processes of the liver, the diuretic effects of alcohol and the lowering of blood sugar; that is, the manifestation of the effects listed above.

So, next time, give your health and take care of your body.

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