3 tips to have fun while running

For large cities, run It has become a daily activity, which allows people to experience moments of freedom, relaxation , elimination of stress , the realization of personal challenges and, above all, health care.

Parks, forests or nurseries are usually the most popular places for those who like this sport, who practice it at any time of day, with and without the guidance of special trainers.

Sometimes, run It can be a bit boring for some individuals, so they stop practicing it. So that you do not miss the activity, here are three tips:

1.- Use applications on your cell phone : To keep track of training on time, heart rate, distance, burning calories and even to be motivated by others, there is the application for smartphone call Endomondo .

Through a free tracking with GPS (global positioning system, for its acronym in English) of races, walks, walks or tours, the application creates a community in which brokers from around the world exchange information about their achievements.

In addition, it offers the user a general statistics of exercise performed in number of practices, total duration of these, speed and average time and, above all, the distance traveled translated into rounds to the world or trips to the Moon.

2.- Combined training plan : The ideal is to have a coach to guide the quantity and quality of the activity carried out; however, you can start a training plan yourself, where you combine different exercises in days and hours, until you get a good resistance physical.

In addition to running, you can swim, ride a bike and do sit-ups to complete the box exercises basic Perform an activity per day, in averages of 30 minutes. If you maintain good discipline, in an average of eight weeks you will be fit.

Of the seven days of the week, one or two rests. The frequency and constancy are the key, but you must also respect the limits of your body and therefore, rest .

3.- Eat healthily : The diet of a runner, no matter if he is a beginner or advanced, must be rich in carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, potatoes, bread and whole grains, which favor the recharge of muscle glycogen.

It is important that you avoid fried foods, prefer those cooked on the grill. In addition, a bottle with water is essential to help in the hydration during the tour.

Some experts recommend runners a proper diet such as:

  1. Breakfast: Cereal with fruit and milk. Natural juice.
  2. Food: Vegetable salad. Pasta with seafood or meat. Fruit.
  3. Dinner: Fruit smoothie Energy bar. Consume water throughout the day.

Cheer up!

For run you only need a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of sports pants, a comfortable cotton or microfiber shirt, a towel to clean the sweat, socks that help the perspiration and a cap, as well as some earmuffs and masks for the cold season.

Remember that it is very important that you warm up and stretch your body before starting any exercise , to avoid injuries . When you run, do it in a straight position so that the air enters your lungs better (inhale softly through the nose and exhale through the mouth).

In addition, it takes the hands in a curved position, as if you were holding a ball to make the step aerodynamic. Never stop suddenly, better slow down until walking and finally stop.And you, do you practice any sport that helps you stay in shape?

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