Why do we do it?

From childhood to adulthood, we were taught that when we had a problem we should keep it or tell those who had the intellectual capacity to guide us, and that those who chose our pets as listeners were simply "crazy" ...

However, and according to a study conducted by the University of Chicago, This belief is totally wrong, because in reality it is a practice that reveals intelligence.


It is a way to develop social skills through extending one's identity; It makes us more aware of how we understand what others think, believe, feel and desire, "he describes. Nicholas Eple and, leader of the investigation.


Why do we do it?

There are three reasons:


  1. Evolutely we are designed to see "human" faces in everything.
  2. We attribute emotions to our pet.
  3. It helps us understand the unpredictable behavior of other human beings.

In summary, in addition to making us more sensitive and intelligent, talking with our pet allows us to improve capabilities that aim to help us survive in our environment.


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