Sports disciplines vs stress

The exercise is one of the best known ways to reduce the stress , as well as most of its symptoms, such as tension and anxiety. In addition to a healthy diet, physical activity can reverse some of its harmful effects, according to researchers from the University of Chile .

Do exercise reduces the stress because during the practice of some sport or physical activity, endorphins are released, hormones that induce well-being, sleep and relaxation, so the anxiety Y tension generated by stress.


Sports disciplines vs stress

According to specialists, to reduce the stress the best thing would be to combine aerobic and anaerobic activities, so that a greater oxygenation of the whole body and the elongation of the muscles are promoted, to alleviate the tension In general, it is therefore recommended to practice some sports disciplines such as:

1. Yoga . The different positions of yoga , which require breathing exercises and resistance training for muscles, serve as protection for the body from stress situations and stress , according to researchers from the Ohio State University .

2. Running. According to a study by the University of Arizona , just by running 10 minutes a day, the adverse effects of the stress and accumulated fatigue, because it has a positive effect on blood circulation, in addition to reducing the risk of cardiovascular events.

3. Cycling . When practiced in quiet spaces, this sports discipline favors relaxation and concentration since it requires all the senses, in addition to promoting better blood pressure and generates less muscle tension than many others exercises , that's why it fights the anxiety and stress , according to a study of the Andres Bello University of Chile .

4. Swimming . Swimming allows us to reduce some substances that we produce more during the day, such as cortisol , the so-called hormone stress , as well as adrenaline, which generates a state of general tension, so this type of exercise helps fight it and provides greater relaxation, explain specialists from the Complutense University of Madrid.

5. Pilates . This discipline helps to alleviate the effects of stress through the application of its central principles, which include breathing techniques, body awareness, relaxation, concentration, attention, balance and harmony.

Stressful situations can be presented every day now, however, practice any of these sports, or else exercise in itself, they help to have a much more beneficial and positive reaction to solve them.

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