If you make noises when eating, lose weight

If you are one of the people who can not tolerate the sounds others make while eating their food, from now on your perspective will change: A study reveals that making noise when chewing helps you lose weight .

Researchers of the Colorado State University (CSU) and Brigham Young University (BYU) They point out that this effect, called "Crunch", causes people to eat less.

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The key is to feed yourself consciously; that is, it focuses all your senses on each food that you introduce to the mouth; do not let anything distract your attention, "says Gina Mohr, assistant professor of marketing at CSU.


Most consumers do not know that chewing sounds is an important sensory experience in the eating experience. "

In the study published in the magazine Food Quality and Preference s and explains that by masking the sounds of chewing (like when you watch TV or listen to music), you lose the notion of amount of food q You eat because you only focus on physical appearance or taste.


The effects may seem insignificant, but when you practice it daily you will notice that a loaf or tortilla less is a significant advance in your goal of losing weight, "concludes the researcher.

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