12 steps to live the only for today!

When a relationship comes to an end, the emotional pain and the loneliness they are sensations that are wanted overcome . It is not easy, then recuperate of a breakup involves a whole process that must be assimilated and that psychotherapist Lisa Bobby resembles like a addiction .

The creator of The twelve steps explains that those who are hooked in a breaking off It is difficult for them to heal and move on. They constantly think obsessively in its former and they feel devastated by the lost .



12 steps to live the only for today!

The psychotherapist Lisa Bobby advise follow these 12 steps for overcome the thoughts addictive and be governed by the "We do not worry about tomorrow".


  1. Step one. Admit that you fight every day against the thoughts and emotions that your "ex" generates.
  2. Step two. Search in your social environment for a support network, they can be people who share a similar experience, friends or family.
  3. Step three. Generate trust in that net of support for unconditional. Trust that they will help you heal.
  4. Step four. Make your network a source of strength to rebuild your inner strength.
  5. Step five Use the experience of your support network to understand how you are currently and how you want to feel.
  6. Six steps Decide to learn from your past relationships and recognize how they have made you more wise and strong, this will help you build a loving relationship in the future.
  7. Step seven. Make the decision to rewrite your story and feel prepared to improve.
  8. Step eight. Commit yourself to practice new skills to have healthier relationships.
  9. Step nine. Make a list of all the people you would like to reconnect with or socialize more.
  10. Step ten. Gives Thank you and asks apologies for release you relationship pass. Leaving everything behind, this will make you feel better.
  11. Step eleven. Continue to strive to know yourself more, as well as recognize and perfect your weaknesses.
  12. Step twelve. After the spiritual rebirth, shares you experience with acquaintances, friends or relatives who are going through the same emotional pain .

The first steps for healing are in accepting the lost , live the duel to break with the addiction of the ex. From there, what follows is a process of self-discovery to learn to live without that person, to value you and all the people who are with you.

Video Medicine: Sandy B. "Living For Today" - AA Speaker - 12-Step Alcoholism Recovery (March 2024).