Yoga if you want the peace of the Dalai Lama

"I do not fit in the jeans that I bought last summer!", "... lately I'm in a bad mood and I do not know why", "... I can not concentrate". If these are the phrases that you are constantly telling yourself every time you look in the mirror, it is a good time to consider the practice of disciplines that are in full fury such as spinning, yoga and pilates, and start the changes you are looking for .

Let's go into matter. Spinning, yoga and pilates are three disciplines practiced together that substantially improve physical, mental and spiritual health. All three have in common that they place special emphasis on breathing, but each with different objectives.

Katie Kayle Pilates and spinning trainer in the most important hospital network of the east coast of the United States, says: "I practice all three: yoga gives me emotional balance, with pilates my body responds better and my brain works faster.

And although at the beginning it was difficult to achieve a good level in spinning is what allows me to give me some tastes in the food. I recommend all three and if there is not time for so much, I would say that spinning accompanied by pilates or yoga. "

For many, exercising is like going to a party, the more beautiful you enjoy. Buy some beautiful sneakers, some appropriate leggings, a colorful shirt and do not forget a light jacket for the exit.


Yoga if you want the peace of the Dalai Lama



When have you seen the Dalai Lama out of control or in a bad mood? With Yoga you achieve mental and spiritual balance for a happier life. It helps you with those moods to little weird and to enjoy more of the present.

This practice was born many years ago in India and although there are many types, the common principle is that, without being a religion, it seeks contact with spirituality and control of the mind.

Think about this, our mind is a machine that is on 24 hours, yoga is recreation through good posture, control of breathing and while we do that, we give importance to our spiritual part.

Unlike physical exercise, when you finish a session you will feel energized, renewed and without fatigue.

You can expect your immune system to be strengthened, mental quickness, be less impulsive, and enjoy life regardless of whether there are bad or good days. A session of Hatha Yoga , for example, combines breathing exercises and static postures with positive thinking, relaxation and meditation.

This method allows you to see life more harmoniously and helps you to know yourself better. With your practice you can get to burn about 189 calories.


Pilates to look toned like Beyonce

To be toned like Beyonce without high-impact exercise, this is your solution. You will then wonder how many calories you burn in a session. It depends on your weight but to give you an idea: If you weigh 150 pounds you can get to burn 252 calories.

Pilates is a matter of discipline. I tell you the story. Joseph Pilates was a sick child born in a village in Germany who could not exercise, so he created this technique that is physical conditioning, and control of body and mind, inside the house.

With Pilates you get more out of another activity because you will have better flexibility and greater strength in your muscles. This discipline focuses on the legs, abdomen, arms, hips and back. The reason why you achieve that is because with the pilates you increase the lung capacity and the blood circulation. Breathing is very important, just like yoga.


Spinning if you do not want to deprive yourself of cravings

This is a high-impact discipline on an immobile bicycle that was born thanks to Jonatan Goldber, who needed to train at home for a competition.

With spinning you burn abdominal fat and tone your legs, strengthening your cardiac and pulmonary capacity. Let's summarize: spinning is the terror of the love handles. At the same time it is excellent for strengthening the joints.

Start with a warm-up session and little by little, thanks to the encouragement of your instructor and the endorphins that will begin to run through the body, you will feel full of energy and the best thing is that you will be burning fat.


Breathing is also very important.

If you weigh 155 pounds you can burn 563 calories in a session, which can correspond to half of what you eat in a day. Do not forget, if spinning is part of your plan to lose weight, it is very important that you combine it with a diet rich in vegetables and fruits.