1. Lack of sleep

The struggle with the scale can be endless for many women, because there are certain occasions when their weight will be a little higher than usual.


Know why this increase occurs and do not despair if you go through any of these moments, just continue with a balanced diet and exercising regularly.


1. Lack of sleep

A study of National Sleep Foundation reveals that the chances of gaining weight increase for each hour of sleep lost.

Other studies have found that lack of sleep increases blood sugar, makes insulin less effective, or increases ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite.


2. Stress

A recent investigation of the Ohio State University It shows that stress can slow a woman's metabolism and lead to weight gain.

The study included 58 women with an average age of 53 years. Those who had had one or more stressful events in the previous 24 hours, burned 104 fewer calories in the 7 hours after consuming food than women who were stress-free. According to this study, those that showed signs of stress also recorded higher levels of insulin, a hormone that contributes to the storage of fat.


3. Depression

Those who feel lonely and sad they gain weight more quickly than those who report fewer symptoms related to depression. The explanation may be that some depressed people take refuge in foods high in fat and high in calories, to feel well and also reduce their physical activity, warns an investigation published in the magazine American Journal of Public Health.


4. Menstruation

Among the physical and emotional symptoms that occur before the arrival of menstruation, weight gain is found. This is the result of fluid retention due to hormone levels, so it is common to raise approximately 2 kilos more before your period, according to a report from the Mayo Clinic.

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