Question of genes

You love its fragrance, the smell of its clothes and even how it smells before going through the shower. No doubt: You are in love! But what if one of the reasons you were attracted to it is precisely its aroma? Science says that it is possible fall in love with the smell .

It is known as the experiment of sweatshirts and it has been carried out by the University of Bern (Switzerland).

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A group of women evaluated the sexual attractiveness of different men based on the smell of the shirts they had worn for two days.


Question of genes

The result left no room for doubt: those considered most attractive were those men with the greatest difference in their genes. It's the callmajor histocompatibility complex (MHC, in English).

What determines this genetic index? It's simple: the more MHC differences between parents, the more likely that children will be born and grow healthy .

That's why it could be said that it attracts us the smell of those men with whom we are more compatible genetically

It is something instinctive that we do without thinking. But think about it, maybe its smell was precisely one of the things you noticed.


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