Reasons not to wear synthetic shoes

Before buying that pair of shoes that winks or succumb to the designs of fashion, you have to stop and consider some tips to choose a good shoe. Do not stay with the first impression or respond to an irrational impulse, learn to choose the right shoe.

Think that a shoe of poor quality, and in this category fall almost all synthetic, can lead to health problems. According to the Spanish Association of Medicine and Foot and Ankle Surgery, 85% of women suffer from deformities such as hammertoes, overlapped or clawed fingers, as well as bunions, because they do not buy quality footwear that is commensurate with the characteristics of each foot.


Reasons not to wear synthetic shoes

1. Footwear made of plastic or synthetic materials does not allow the foot to perspire.

2. This type of models have internal seams that cause chafing.

3. Synthetic shoes are usually rigid; What our foot needs is a soft and flexible footwear.

4. They cause bad smell.

5. They are a propitious source for the appearance of fungi and bacteria.

6. Synthetic shoes do not provide support in the heel and can cause a slippage of the foot due to sweat. This has the consequence that we slip and do not find ourselves comfortable in them.

7. The foot should feel comfortable and wide, and each finger should have space with slack. What does not happen with ordinary shoes.

One last piece of advice from the Spanish Association of Medicine and Foot and Ankle Surgery : we must avoid buying footwear that is not our number because the shoe has to adapt to the foot and not the other way around. In addition, the ideal time to try on shoes is at the end of the day, when the feet are tired and swollen.

Do not be blinded by fashion, discounts or a crush at first sight. It is better to think about the comfort and health of your feet.

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