Science reveals to you 4 secrets of love

Do you like to be in love? According to a study conducted by the Syracuse University in New York, feeling this emotion for someone only takes five seconds; It is the time it takes for the brain to release the chemicals necessary to initiate the process of love.

However, what other secrets does being in love keep? GetQoralHealth It presents you with four mysteries revealed by science and that will change your way of living this experience:

1. Love is an impulse, not an emotion. Helen Fisher, through a study conducted by the Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University, he discovered that the part of the brain that is activated is far below the center of cerebral emotion. What resulted was that love is basically an impulse that has developed to favor the pairing process.

2. A relationship can last for a long time. For Fisher, the key is that the couple should try to do romantic things, have a good sex life and perform activities that increase the feeling of attachment. Novelty and adventure increase in the brain the levels of dopamine, a chemical that is related to the feeling of falling in love.

3. You can only think of that person. This is due to a consequent decrease in serotonin levels in the central part of the brain, a fact known as "intrusive thinking", a question that is strongly related to obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

4. A great love is not forgotten. Antoine Bechar a, neurobiologist, detected that this is due to a cerebral conflict. Although the relationship has ended years ago, the brain continues to shoot images and bodily reactions, such as palpitations or stomach pain to see the photo of that person or to feel an odor that evokes it.

The explanation is that a part of the brain called the amygdala (the center of emotional memory) fixes more intensively the atypical and unknown situations.

Being in love is an experience that feeds your life; However, the important thing is to live it in a way that does not harm your physical and emotional well-being.

Video Medicine: Science Proves Anyone Can Fall In Love With You (August 2022).