Coffee scrub

What woman would not like to eliminate that fallen belly how much it bothers us to look That flaccidity in lower abdomen that for more that we do exercise is not going away so easily, for that we will show you some home remedies that will change your appearance.

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According to a study published by the Harvard University To eliminate the sagging belly, it is essential to exercise at least three times a week to fight sagging.

In addition to physical activity, we share these home remedies that are very effective:


Coffee scrub

The caffeine It is an excellent ally to reaffirm the skin. It manages to reactivate the blood circulation and this directly attacks the fat deposits.

It is very easy to prepare, you need:

  • Coffee powder
  • Sugar
  • Almonds oil


Once you have everything ready, you must mix them and apply it to your belly in circular movements. It is recommended to do it for 10 minutes.


Aloe vera gel

The aloe gel is known for its great healing power but also regenerates and reaffirms the tissues of the dermis.

It is recommended to apply the gel directly after the bath so that it has a better effect.


Coconut oil

This is an excellent option to recover the elasticity of the skin. It also makes it smooth and smooth.

Apply to the affected area after the shower and let it act for a few minutes, before dressing.

Do not worry anymore about showing off your abdomen and apply these home remedies to eliminate the fallen belly . Remember to also moisturize so that the appearance of your skin improves.

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