Watching movies prevents you from getting divorced

How many times a month do you go to the movies with your partner? If you want a stable and lasting relationship, this is a great start to achieve it.

If you love going to the movies with your partner they are more likely not to get divorced. It sounds curious, but a study conducted in the University of Rochester I come to this curious conclusion.

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The couples who watch movies together and then discuss the relationships of the main characters divorce 50% less than those who do not. What can be caused this? Psychologist Ronald Rogge believes it has to do with how people can calmly discuss problems in their relationship if they are similar to those of the characters.

His argument is that many couples fail to calm down enough during a lawsuit to hear each other's point of view, but if they are fictional characters who resolve conflicts this can leave people with a sense of resolution in their own relationship.

Talking about something neutral (like a movie) encourages dialogue and is not an action that involves great effort or commitment (as would go to therapy).

So if you feel that your relationship is having some problems we recommend that you watch a movie that contains a romantic story with your partner At least once a week and have the time to talk about it immediately afterwards. What do you lose with trying?