Top 10 myths about homeopathy

Even though homeopathy is very popular as an alternative medicine, many people are not very informed about the way it really works. Listed below are 10 misconceptions of people in relation to homeopathic medicine.

Myth 1: Homeopathic treatments work slowly.

Certain conditions like headache , cold Y flu They can be cured quickly with homeopathic remedies. More serious diseases such as eczema and acne take longer to heal, simply because they are complicated .

Myth 2: Homeopathic medicine does not work for serious and deadly diseases.

This alternative medicine, like conventional medicine, can treat life-threatening diseases such as diabetes and the Cancer . In fact, some studies have shown that the homeopathic medicine works as well as conventional medicine in the treatment of diseases like malaria. However, no all diseases Mortals are treatable with homeopathic medicines.

Myth 3: Homeopathic medicine is similar to Ayurvedic and herbal medicine.

All these three medical systems are alternative forms of medicine, but not the same. Medicine homeopathic uses natural substances diluted in alcohol or water, while herbal medicine uses plants. Medicine ayurvedic , which originated in India, works on the principle that all plant, animal and mineral materials can be used to cure diseases.


Myth 4: Homeopathic treatments are only for human beings.

Homeopathic remedies can also used in animals . These remedies are increasingly popular to treat pet diseases, such as stress, anxiety and allergies.

Myth 5: Homeopathic medicines should not be used with modern medicines.

Homeopathic medicines can work well with modern medicines . For example, patients who are going through the chemotherapy They reduce side effects with the help of homeopathic treatments.

Myth 6: All homeopathic treatments to treat a disease are suitable for all people.

Homeopathic medicine treats each person of different way . Therefore, a single medication does not serve to treat each person who has the same disease or medical condition.

The right remedy depends on the specific symptoms of a patient. This principle is very far from traditional medicine, which provides a single medication to deal with the general conditions.

Myth 7: Homeopathic medicines are hard to find.

That was a myth a few years ago . But at present, many of the homeopathic remedies are available in large pharmacies. Large retailers sell homeopathic medicines for diseases such as flu, colds and insomnia.

However, specialized resources, or those established by homeopaths to treat a particular case, are not readily available. These medications are available on the Internet, in pharmacies and health food stores.


Myth 8: You can treat yourself once you have acquired the knowledge of homeopathic medicine.

For illnesses like flu and colds, this may be true. But the treatment of chronic diseases Y complicated it requires the experience of a well-trained homeopathic doctor.

Myth 9: Homeopathic medicine has not proven effective in large-scale cases.

This misconception, is derived from some people who seek incorrect information, is not true. Several successful cases they are, in fact, well-known

Myth 10: Homeopathic medicines do not have substances that can be measured.

Most homeopathic remedies have quantifiable substances , although others contain substances that are not.