Dragonfly is a new drug used by young people

The authorities of the Federal District are on alert for the possible arrival of a new drug design, which is currently in turmoil in Europe, especially in England, and is known as Dragonfly (Dragon-fly).

The chemical compound Brolamfetamine (DOB), also known in the streets as Bromo Dragonfly, has an increasing demand among young Anglo-Saxons.

For this new drug, to say of Marcela López Cabrera , General Director of the Institute for the Care and Prevention of Addictions in Mexico City (IAPA), there are already users under treatment in Mexico City, although there is no evidence of their illegal distribution in the capital.

"The DOB or synthetic kationes are a powder that resembles the effects of cocaine , of the amphetamines and MDMA (methylenedioxymentanfetamine), which is ketamine. We have seen videos where giraffes or elephants eat leaves and go crazy, that is natural ketamine, then they make synthetic kationes, the chemical formula is already known and there are unethical experts who design these structures, "explained López Cabrera in an interview withExcelsior .

Also known as 2C-B-FLY, named for its fly-like chemical structure (it has two heterocyclic rings with one oxygen each, attached to the original 2C-B backbone). For example, he explained a pharmacobiologist chemist who asked for anonymity, there is the 2C-B-FLY and also the 2C-B-DragonFLY, or the Bromo-Dragonfly (Dragonfly, which in turn has a third carbon that converts it into amphetamine).

"The difference is that there is a double bond in the heterocyclic groups (when the name has the Dragon group), but that makes it not the same molecule and that their differences can be abysmal, "he explained.

"So far," added the specialist, "there are few reports of its use in humans, however, there are witnesses who said through social networks that a purchase of between 100 and 800 micrograms (millionths of a gram), or 500 to 1,600 micrograms, with a duration of its effects of between 12 and 24 hours, with a time of mental recovery "of about 36 hours, it can cost on average 250 dollars or 174 euros.

With 50 milligrams of this substance could be made between 500 and a thousand doses. "In the case of Bromo-Dragonfly, would be worth breathing near the substance to take a more effective dose and hallucinate for several hours with colors and shapes never described, "said Rafael, who said he knew the effects of this drug.

Mrs. Keta

Known in the illegal market of synthetic drugs as Mrs. Keta, Keka or Special K, Ketamine is one of the substances most used at this time by adolescents and young people in the Federal District, according to studies conducted by IAPA itself.

"In Mexico there is a lot of ketamine users, especially in the capital. It is a general anesthetic that is generally used in veterinary, but also for human anesthesia, it can be inhaled, injected intramuscularly, intravenously, subcutaneously; they dry it and inhale it, even cases have been detected in which its application is via rectal, "commented Marcela López.

The consequences of ketamine, explained the head of the IAPA, are prolonged. "Its main effect is the visual hallucinations, they are generally geometric, kaleidoscopic, with intense colors. The adverse reactions are terrible, "confirmed the official.

There are other designer drugs that are being successful among young people like the K2, Spice or synthetic marijuana, drugs in which a natural product changes some chemical elements that allow it to no longer be the one registered.

"This is the case of K2, that has been detected in flavorings or incenses; it's not the same molecule as marijuana, but it does stimulate the same receptors. "


The national statistics, said Marcela López Cabrera, marks that the Federal District ranks seventh nationally in the consumption of illegal substances .

The users of this type of drug are young people between 20 and 30 years, defined Lopez Cabrera, in addition to the trend of use is retro: it is going back to the sixties through chemical substances to experience hallucinations and discover new colors.

"Already the use of methamphetamines, although it is increasing, occurs at older ages: they are no longer the little ones, we are already talking about adolescents and young adults, we are talking about 18 to 24 or 25 years old."

The current new drugs, said the official, are based on serotonin that produces hallucinations. "That's the user's taste today: hallucinate".

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