1. Laugh more

A year it is tear and with him new challenges, goals, experiences, joys, dreams ... And what better way to receive 2018 than with love!

tell your partner that throw their purposes in favor of their relationship; to show this list:


1. Laugh more

Nothing like sharing laughter . Do not skimp when it comes to laughing to tears. This habit will not only make you live funny moments, but it will strengthen your relationship. According to the American Psychological Association, The lack of shared laughter increases the risk of separation or thunder.


2. No to the lies

Nothing to say that they are worth "the pious lies", the lies are lies, period. Trust is key in any relationship and when it breaks down, there is not much to do. Therefore, propose not to deceive yourself and avoid the secrets between you.


3. Cell phones

"Alienarse" each with their cell phone while they are together does not apply at all. Decree to hide cell phones to talk, live in the full extent of the word. Researchers from the University of Baylor, Texas, say that cell abuse causes dissatisfaction with the couple, as well as anxiety and depression.


4. Give your space

It is the healthiest. Being "stuck" and looking daily is not beneficial, because besides that they can fall into monotony, it will prevent them from having time for you Individually: do what they like, self-explore, etc; and this can generate frustration. Take into account that to be well in a relationship, you must first be good with yourself.


5. Try new things

This will prevent them from falling into monotony and will inject a good dose of emotion in duo. Do not limit yourself Go on a parachute, take dance lessons, go climbing ...

Now if you are ready to eat your grapes and launch your purposes for the new year. Long live love!


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