They reveal abuse to disabled people in Mexico

After one year of investigations, last Tuesday, November 30, 2010, the report was presented Abandoned and Disappeared: The Segregation of Children and Adults with Disabilities in Mexico ; a joint work between the organization Disability Rights International (DRI) and the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights (CMDPDH); which seems taken from a story of H. P. Lovecraft or Stephen King, where the scenarios are depressing and the characters are subjected to the most terrible situations of suffering, humiliation and anguish. Unfortunately this is not fiction, it is reality.

This work describes the disappearance of children in orphanages and Mexican institutions and the discovery by researchers of people detained in hospitals, of which there is no record of their names, ages or placement of internment.

"There is no way for anyone, including parents, to find them among the thousands of abandoned who are relegated for the rest of their lives to remain in these institutions, "said the CMDPDH.

"We found atrocious violations of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CDPD) a treaty that the Mexican government defended and helped elaborate. The Mexican government has promised to defend these rights, "he said. Eric Rosenthal , executive director of DRI and principal author of the report.

The document details that they were: People with disabilities under restraints permanently, some of them tied to beds and wheelchairs, in addition to the use of lobotomies (psychosurgery) without consent.

Also people interned for life in institutions behind closed doors "simply because they have a disability in unclean and inhuman living conditions."

"The human rights violations perpetrated against children with disabilities in Mexico are as serious as any that has been documented by this organization in the last twenty years," he explained. Juan Carlos Gutiérrez , executive director of the CMDPDH.

The head of the organization for the defense of human rights appealed to the Mexican authorities to stop these abuses immediately and protect the human rights of all persons with disabilities.

Adults and children with disabilities are more likely to be trampled by their human rights by those who, in theory, are there to defend them and protect their individual integrity. This report reveals a reality that is not new and that, to date, nothing has been done to change it. It remains in the hands of the authorities and the population to do something to compensate this terrible situation.

Sources: The Universal Mx

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