Strategies against anxiety

In accordance with Armando Ahued Ortega, Secretary of Health of the Federal District , cases of anxiety and depression have increased among the population because of the social and economic environment that is currently experienced. Therefore it is important to know how to combat anxiety.

According to a study of the Stanford University It suggests that there is a protein that acts in the brain as a tranquilizer for anxiety. Even scientists say that the sedative effect is very similar to Valium.

In the study published in the magazine Neuron It is detailed that the molecule called DBI It acts in the area called the thalamus, specifically in the reticular nucleus, which is located in the center of the brain.

This zone is the one that produces the protein that acts like benzodiazepines, that is, maintains an adequate rhythm in the activity of neurons and acts as a depressor of the nervous system, according to information published on the portal

The researchers detail that the DBI is found in all cells of the body, however, in the region of the brain undergoes a transformation to become a natural antiepileptic compound, so one of its fragments produces the calming sensation against anxiety.

Scientists say that this protein can be used to design new therapies against epilepsy, absence crises, anxiety and sleep disorders.


Strategies against anxiety

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, Arie Schwartzman , a wellness specialist, explains the symptoms of anxiety and gives you three steps to reduce them:

On the other hand, in information published by The Huffington Post, It is recommended to perform the following breathing exercises to master your states of anguish and relax.

Slow and deep: Inhale through the nose softly and deeply several times, until you feel the abdomen expand slightly when pulling the air. Your shoulders must be still. Exhale until your lungs feel empty.

Deep and relaxing. Do the steps from the previous exercise, but concentrate on relaxing the shoulder muscles in each exhale. Let the abdomen move gently out and in.

Account. Breathe slowly and deeply as you count your exhalations slowly. Count 10 without another thought crossing your mind, if you can not control it, you have to start over.

Remember to identify everything that generates stress or anxiety so you can reduce its effects. Also, if you maintain a positive attitude you will overcome it 100%. And you, how do you control stress?