1. Production of beauty products

Healing wounds, alleviating pain and / or curing certain diseases are some of the uses of exotic and medicinal plants. One of them and that is being widely used in the cosmetics industry is Capitiú, which not only improves your health, but also the texture and aroma of your skin.


According toJournal of Medicinal Plants Research the Capitiú (Siparuna guianensis) is considered a sacred plant in Brazil, because it has several beneficial properties, including antimicrobial powers.

In addition, its leaves are used to prepare infusions and enjoy relaxing baths. Learn more ...


1. Production of beauty products

The essential oil of Capitiú is characterized by sweet and spicy notes, making it ideal to include it as an ingredient in fragrances or hand moisturizers.


2. Very good repellent

This plant is toxic to mosquitoes Aegypti and C. Quinquefasciatus, transmitters of dengue and other diseases, so it can be used as a natural insecticide against them.


3. As anti-bacterial

A study of Federal University of Tocantins notes that extracts of the leaf or oil of Siparuna guianensis are effective to eliminate bacteria and fungi such as Staphylococcus aureus, which causes diseases such as meningitis, pneumonia, among others.

Make the most of the uses of exotic plants such as Capitiú, and improve your health and quality of life naturally.

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