Use of contraceptives

A very common complaint among women is that menstruation lasts for many days with abundant flow, because performing our daily activities becomes a nightmare. But, there are women who also have problems because their period is irregular, known as "hypomenorrhea".

This type of scarce menstruation is for periods of two days or less, with a flow amount less than 80 milliliters. This in medical terms should be evaluated, because if it also takes more than 35 days for the return of the period, there can be serious problems.

The most common causes for which your period may be less abundant are the following:


Use of contraceptives

This effect when taking contraceptive pills, using injection or patch, is quite frequent and somewhat normal. Any method that releases hormones, such as oral, intrauterine, or IUDs that release progestagen, reduces the growth of the endometrium.

This reduces the amount of bleeding and is completely normal.


Nervous and emotional factors

Daily stress, worries, long periods of sadness or depression and even excessive excitement can cause hypomenorrhea.

All these factors suppress the activity of the centers of the brain that stimulate the ovaries during the menstrual cycle, producing a reduction of the hormones (estrogen and progesterone).

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