Bicarbonate shampoo

The sodium bicarbonate It offers many benefits to health and in the aesthetic part: It is very useful for hair to grow.

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The growth and strengthening of the hair is benefited with the sodium bicarbonate . It is used mainly in people who suffer from dryness in the scalp and dandruff, it is an antiseptic that takes care of the hair .

The Baking soda helps hair growth because it eliminates the acid pH, which is one of the main culprits that limit hair growth.

In fact, some people make their own shampoo with baking to improve the appearance of the hair and grow healthy and strong, others make their own product.

Bicarbonate shampoo

You can make your own shampoo as follows:

You need a glass of water in half and add two or three tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate , everything depends on the amount of hair you have.

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