Shampoo, main culprit of frizz

Suddenly your hair does not settle and you think that the weather is the culprit, maybe you should pay attention to the products you use daily.

All women (and some men) hate that our hair has frizz , but the worst of all is that we are the main culprits of that effect.

A new study found that pH level of the shampoo It has a direct effect on frizz and hair weakness. That is to say, that your hair "sponges" and is rebellious all the time is because of these products that have a high pH.

Let's make a brief review of chemistry: the pH measures acidity; a pH below 7 is acid, a pH above 7 is alkaline, and 7 is neutral.

The shampoo With a pH greater than 5.5 (the pH of the scalp) can cause a buildup of static electricity that leads to breakage and unruly hair, according to researchers in Brazil.

These effects can occur on all hair types, but hair that is thick, curly, or chemically damaged by dyes has less lubrication and a thinner cuticle layer, making it especially vulnerable, says the study's author. María Fernanda Gavazzoni, professor of dermatology at the Fluminense Federal University of Rio de Janeiro .

Of 123 products sold in Brazil, which she and her colleagues tested, only 38% had a sufficiently low pH. Professional brands (found in beauty salons) were more likely to be formulated correctly. Gavazzoni advises women to look for shampoo labeled with "balanced pH" or "low pH" (conditioners generally have a low pH, he adds).

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