Reliable bleaches for health

Although most know that the sugar is harmful, sweets they are still part of the most important pleasures.

Fortunately there are sugar substitutes that allow to feel that pleasure, without compromising health. Even, some sweeteners , As the Isomat, They help to lose weight, by decreasing appetite.

However, it is only possible to appreciate the relevance of the sweeteners after remembering some of the effects of natural sugar , like the appearance of fibromyalgia , diabetes , early puberty , Cancer , infertility Y heart disease .

Currently we can continue to enjoy sugar, thanks to the discovery of Sucralose, Sucaryl Y Splenda
All are manufactured sweeteners, from sugar.

1. They do not have calories .
2. Its sweetening effect is very similar to sugar .
3. Does not increase the sugar , nor insulin in the blood. It is suitable for all diabetics .
4. It dissolves in water. Can be used for sweeten beverages .
5. It is resistant to heat. It can be used to cook.
6. Security: can be consumed by any individual, of any age, without risking their Health .


Consult your doctor

The patent of Splenda has just expired and new cheaper brands are emerging Sucralose as Sucaryl.
A small soft drink contains 10 tablespoons of sugar and the juices have only water with sugar because the fiber and the vitamins they remain in the whole fruit.

Therefore, it is advisable to replace sugary foods and beverages with options with Sucralose, Sucaryl Y Splenda.

Although it is more advisable to drink skim milk, soft drinks with Sucralose, Sucaryl They are a healthy substitute. Especially in children who consume sugary sweets (chewing gum, soda, ice cream) should prefer sugar-free options. For more information, click Here .

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