Colposcopy detects vaginal cancer

The colposcopy is a diagnostic procedure performed by gynecologists to inspect the cervix for some signs of Cancer , so it is usually done as a result of an abnormal test result papanicolau .

The colposcope is an instrument that is constituted schematically by a magnifying glass of focal distance and a light source, which is introduced by the vagina of the woman, which allows to visualize its interior, its appearance or some macroscopic anomaly.

The colposcopy It is regularly done during the intermenstrual period.


What does it consist of?

The patient will have to be placed on a gynecological examination table, with the knees bent, so that the doctor then introduces a speculum (a metal or plastic instrument that separates the vaginal walls) through the vagina

When the speculum is inside, the "leaves" (mobile sections) open slightly to have a better visualization of the vagina and the cervix.

The specialist will introduce a cotton swab or a small spatula to take some samples, either from secretions or cells inland; and these are sent to the clinical laboratory to be analyzed. In case of detecting any anomaly, the specialist will recommend the treatment to follow.

What is it for?

The colposcopy It serves for the early diagnosis of Cancer genitalia and also to detect some sexually transmitted diseases .

When should it be done?

When the gynecologist indicates it and if the patient presents the following symptomatology:

  1. Itching in the vulva or vagina
  2. Bad smell of vaginal discharge
  3. Abnormal bleeding
  4. Result of papanicolaou suspect

It is convenient to carry out this type of tests because the Cancer in its initial stage it is asymptomatic. It is also advisable to make a colposcopy in women who are going to undergo a hysterectomy .


Previous preparation

Maintain sexual abstinence and do not perform vaginal washings, 24 hours before study.
Absence of topical vaginal medication, one week before taking.

Through colposcopy, they can be diagnosed infections by Human papilloma virus , dysplasia or injuries of Cancer , that are not yet so advanced.

Women who have not had sexual intercourse and who have had their uterus (hysterectomy).

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