Why it is advisable to embrace the people we love

In accordance with Lia Barbery , specialist in embrace therapy and author of the book The language of hugs , in the act of hug not only secrete oxytocin, the hormone related to the attachment, but also activates in the brain the release of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters with which we experience a pleasant sensation of wellbeing, harmony and fullness.

The scientific foundation of the high power of hug therapy, adds the founder of the non-governmental organization AbrazArte sin Fronteras, is very clear in the gesture of the mother when she takes her son and, as in the delivery or when Breastfeeding, your brain is secreting oxytocin.

Thanks to her, the baby feels united to his mother and sheltered from all danger.


Why it is advisable to embrace the people we love

The hug and contact are essential ways of offering emotional support, an essential indicator that explains good health (well above the diet and sports habits). The embrace-therapy rediscovers the importance of the embrace as a vital need that we all have to love and feel truly loved.


7 reasons to embrace

1. It rescues us from loneliness and isolation.

2. Returns the illusion, joy and good humor, since laughter is his faithful companion.

3. It provides recognition and protection to our "inner child".

4. It facilitates the physical and emotional unlocks.

5. It favors the affective communication with us and with the other.

6. Stimulate gratitude.

7. Awakens creativity.

In the case of our grandparents, experts say, a hug produces a sense of well-being that can reduce blood pressure, anxiety, stress and depression.

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