New technology that measures toxicity in the environment

The technology every day advances more and more, and with it its uses in favor of health of the users . Currently there is a large number of applications for devices Mac, specifically for Iphone Y Ipad . From those who monitor the heart rate to those who measure the levels of insulin in the blood.

The most recent is linked to the prevention of diseases from the toxicity in the environment . This new application created by Bill Davenhall , Head of the Health and Human Services Team of Enviromental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Institute of environmental systems research, can detect the presence of toxic substances Near your home or in the air of the places you frequent, this is very useful if there are factories or industries that emit gases that can be harmful.

Currently there are various substances and toxic chemical elements floating in the air of Mexican cities, especially those that are closest to industrial zones. These substances cause a considerable number of diseases and most of the time we do not discover them until it's too late .

Is application is very useful, first of all to help the prevention Y health care personal and your loved ones; and second, to collaborate with the institutions responsible for monitoring and controlling substances toxic chemicals and health institutions , so that they have the geographical locations of the places with the highest incidence of the different substances.

In Mexico You can download it to your device, but it will not have the same effectiveness as in E. U., since the institutions are not ready yet. This does not mean that it does not work for you to be alert in the take care of your health .  

Video Medicine: Air Pollution 101 | National Geographic (January 2022).