Get active with your pet and lose weight!

A study carried out by the American Association of Hospitals for Animals , discovered that 92% of their patients had a better and faster recovery thanks to the relationship with their pets; However, what happens if the benefits of physical activity are added to it?

Doing a physical activity not only allows you to maintain your weight, it also helps you tone up your muscles and those of your pet. Thus, GetQoralHealth presents you three exercises that are ideal to practice with that four-legged companion:

1. A walk in the park. According to an investigation published by the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, People who walk with their dog perform more exercise, since this also being a companion is a stimulus. Before starting a routine, consider the following tips:


  • Patience.
  • The training should be gradual for both.
  • Do not run with a puppy.
  • Bring a bottle of water so that it is always hydrated.

2. Doga or yoga with dogs. It consists of the incorporation of the pets to the ancestral practices of yoga. In addition to acquiring flexibility, spirituality and well-being, dogs allow to reinforce certain positions (or implement novel asanas), since they apply that missing weight in a key area of ​​the posture. The doga allows you to take the relationship of master and pet to another level.

3. Swim Idea if your pet loves water. Before introducing yourself to the water, observe your dog first, see if it is difficult for him or not to swim. Once you have acclimated enter the pool and perform this exercise with him. This physical activity is ideal if one of the two suffers from problems with the joints.

Performing 30 minutes of exercise can improve the health of your pet and yours, as well as allowing them to keep their pace controlled. Get active and enjoy!

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