Hypertension hurts women less

Women with heart failure derived from high pressure , they resist the disease better than male gender , according to a study published by Europa Press, in Madrid, developed at the University of the Basque Country that analyzed the clinical and biochemical differences according to the sex of the patients.

The average age in women with heart failure caused by high blood pressure is 78 years, while that of men is 71 years; however, women suffer worse functional class in stable phase, which means that they fatigue more easily than they do.

In the case of women, they spend an average of 848 days from the time a first diagnosis is made until hospitalization, while in men the number drops to 137.

Dr. Elena Zubillaga, the doctor responsible for the study, said that this may be due to several reasons, such as, for example, that women go to the doctor later or that their resistance to the disease is greater.

The study concluded that the ejection fraction of the heart in the female gender is visibly higher than that of men, since they show an average proportion of 62.4%, while they of 53.8%. The higher the ejection fraction (force that the heart makes for contraction), the better the patient is.

The study was based on the analysis of 109 women and 120 men admitted for heart failure.

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