Will try to touch you

In you there is no doubt: he loves you and of course you want to know if this feeling is reciprocal.

No matter how hard a woman tries to interpret body language, there are times when certain actions of a man towards a woman can be misinterpreted.

To not make false illusions or create false expectations, we give you this list of Physical signs that a man likes you made by the researchers of the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior .


Will try to touch you

Quiet! This does not mean that it will be on top of you but yes, that from time to time you will take advantage of some opportunity to graze your shoulder, an arm or your hand.


It will open your heart

All girls know that men find it harder to talk about their emotions, but when they do, it is because they expect to be linked with you.

It will change your tone of voice

A study by the University of Aberdeen reveals that when a man likes a woman he tries to speak in a more serious tone, that is, more manly.


Your hands will sweat

No matter how much control you have of your body, when a man likes you, he produces substances such as noradrenaline, dopamine and serotonin, which causes his breathing to speed up and makes several parts of his body sweat.


Insists on seeing you often

It does not matter if you saw him yesterday, he will look for any opportunity to be with you, not counting the times he sends messages to your cell phone or social networks.

Take note of these physical signs that you like a man and do not generate false expectations. Good luck!


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