Do your teeth drop?

Do you dream that your teeth are falling out or is it really happening? Stress, according to the WHO , is an epidemic of modern life that affects a high percentage of the world population; But, this could also be the cause of the fragility in your teeth.

Studies exposed to the General Council of Dentists and Stomatologists in Spain , indicate that stress can cause the fall or rupture of your teeth as a result of several factors, among which the bruxism.

Bruxism is the involuntary habit of tightening or grinding the dental structures consciously or unconsciously, and this affects between 10% and 20% of the population.

Its main trigger is anxiety, which is characterized by agitation or restlessness and given that the denial of the patient to a state of stress is very characteristic and the clinical picture can be asymptomatic, the dentist must be very dynamic to identify the state of present anxiety and to determine the treatment to be implemented.

Another cause is saliva. Stress, in the long term, alters the composition of saliva, which in turn plays a leading role in the appearance of caries or other pathologies of the mouth such as paradontosis and other affections in the gum.

Only in our country, 43% of adults suffer from stress, according to estimates from the IMSS . The figures of National Institute of Psychiatry They indicate that Mexico is in the first places with patients who suffer work stress.

Calm down, as the dream of your teeth falling out can become very real. Beware!

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