Avoid addiction to tranquilizers

Tranquilizers are drugs used to produce a calm or relaxed effect. They are classified into two groups, major tranquilizers and minor tranquilizers. The first are those that medical science refers to as neuroleptics or drugs antipsychotics , while the second are known as anti anxiety agents.

These drugs have been developed to treat the anxiety and stress problems we deal with every day. With all conflicts and competencies, a person can easily be subject to difficult period of stress .

When taken under medical supervision, the tranquilizers can provide the means to calm a nervous person and allow him to overcome obstacles in periods of stress .


Control the intake of tranquilizers ...

However, it is well known that a tranquilizer has an effect similar to that of a barbiturate, a highly addictive drug used to treat problems related to difficulty sleeping. Specifically, it can make a person less alert, to the degree that a driver driving under the influence of a tranquilizer, presents the same danger as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Take tranquilizers to relieve the stress and the anxiety Without medical supervision, it can have serious effects, especially in the attitude of the user. Drugs can make a person less aware of their problems; Once you have experienced the relief they provide, the urge to have more of this kind of relief becomes greater. The greater risk associated with dependence on tranquilizers , is that it makes the person less apt to face the realities of life.


Avoid self-medication

It is important to note that taking too many tranquilizers It can present great risks, because they all have unwanted side effects, being drowsiness the most common. And when they are ingested along with other medicines, tranquilizers can cause other more serious effects.

The tranquilizers are not the ideal solution for the problems of stress Y anxiety ; Although sometimes the consumption of these is inevitable, a person has to learn to deal with them in one way or another; must control stress and anxiety.

It is said that who does not know how to adapt to stress , is not a physically or mentally healthy person, since his body reacts unfavorably to the disturbed mental state. Instead of resorting to tranquilizers and becoming dependent, health experts recommend developing healthy attitudes and positive thoughts.

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