Do you suffer from rigidity in the mornings?

One of the most frequent characteristics of the rheumatoid arthritis is the rigidity and inflammation of joints , especially in the hands and feet.

During a health event, held by the laboratories Pfizer , the doctor Rubén Burgos , researcher in Medical Sciences of the Department of Rheumatology of the Hospital of Mexico, points out that the irreversible damage in the joints can cause loss of function, as well as an increased risk of infections:

"Although the cause of the rheumatoid arthritis it is unknown, it is known that it involves immune system and is considered an autoimmune disease. This means that the immune system confuses healthy tissue with a threat and attacks it in the same way that it was a virus or bacteria. "

However, what are the exercises that help patients with rheumatoid arthritis , the doctor Fedra Irazoque , head of traumatology at the Medical Center November 20 ISSSTE, explains it in the following video:

According to the researcher Burgos, it is necessary that patients with this disease be treated on time, since otherwise, they may register work disability; affects mainly women of productive age, between 30 and 55 years.

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