Couples involved in social networks

In couple relationships there are no magic potions or end of: "and lived happily ever after." For a relationship to work, it is necessary to sum up the efforts of both parties and be clear that in doing so they will share with that person a bag full of experiences and emotions, "says Ana María Sánchez, psychologist and couples therapist.

The relationships that do not last long They are characterized by different factors. Detect if you are in one of them.


Couples involved in social networks

At first glance it seems that they live the perfect romance. In his photos and comments 'spill honey'. Couples who use social networks excessively are more likely to have conflicts related to them.


Conflicting couples

They always see the perfect opportunity to highlight the flaws of the partner , they do not solve problems of the past, jealousy is always present and they are left with everything.


Dramatic couples

Are relations very worn in which they resort to blackmail, irritability, crying and a characteristic that does not fail is that they end and return in a short time.


Toxic couple

They have different interests that cause many inconveniences between them. But if this were not enough, they are constantly hurt in their emotions to the degree that love transforms into hatred.


Couple with age difference

Although there are many couples that are established with this pattern at present, what makes the difference between success and failure is the generational gap, because the larger it is, the greater the differences between the parties.

The specialist says that these types of relationships do not last long but if both are determined to overcome differences and save their relationship, the ideal is to go to therapy to achieve it.


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