Yoga strengthens your muscles

The yoga seeks to harmonize the body with the mind and spirit, producing an energetic change that modifies the functioning of the organism . Also, it is an excellent technique to combat stress and the depression .

On a physical level, this discipline increases the strength of the body, develops flexibility and elongation, tones the muscles and shapes the silhouette; In addition, it delays aging, prevents osteoporosis , improve the digestion and the Cardiovascular system .

For that reason, the director of the Mexican Institute of Yoga , Ana Paula Domínguez , teaches you, in the following video, four basic postures that you must follow, to obtain some legs , biceps Y triceps toned.

Ana Paula Domínguez points out that the asanas of greeting to the sun, the iron, the pose of chaturanga and the dog upside down, help to tone all the muscles of the body.

The sun salutation posture helps regulate the breathing increases the flexibility of the spine and joints. Meanwhile, the iron develops abdominal strength and gives firmness to the belly.

On the other hand, the asana of chaturanga strengthens the arms, the chest and the legs; It is very demanding, because you have to have control of the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis to keep it firm.

The upside down dog is one of the basic yoga postures and is excellent for opening the back, shoulders and legs.

Remember that the yoga It also improves the self esteem , thanks to all the benefits and results you can get with your practice.

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