What possibilities are there?

Between kisses, caresses, suggestive words ... Passion "wins" us! And without realizing it we started the erotic dance of sex, of course, without a condom or another type of contraceptive.

And while pleasure makes it impossible to retreat, after the encounter it is almost impossible that fear and doubt do not assault our mind: can I get pregnant, even though he did not arrive inside?


What possibilities are there?

Yes, there may be conception, although for the tranquility of both parties, this is exceptional; It only occurs when there are live sperm in the pre-seminal fluid.

Fluid that aims to neutralize the acidic environment of the urethra, as well as offer protection to sperm; However, this does not mean that it contains sperm, on the contrary, studies have shown that in this one, either they are dead or there are not ", reveals the American Pregnancy Association, United States.

Although, beware, if the couple comes close to the vagina there may be the possibility that the sperm travels through the canal, resulting in pregnancy.

For this reason, he tries to avoid that passion dominates, and always seeks to have a condom at hand. Nobody will take better care of your health than you!

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