Toad grass remedy against cholesterol

One in four Mexican people have high cholesterol levels. Poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle are two factors, among others, that contribute to this and also three out of four have high levels of triglycerides.

The use of medicinal plants, to cure or treat certain diseases or health disorders, is a very common practice in Mexico. Using herbal formulas does not mean replacing the treatment prescribed by the doctor, but they can be an effective complement.

Several educational institutions in Mexico, such as the Autonomous University of Chapingo (UACh), have been studying the qualities of this type of plants for years. Such is the case of the weed of the toad.

According to Dr. Erick Estrada Lugo, Professor-Researcher in Plant Breeding of the UACh, the main quality of the also popularly known as "yerba del sapo" is to combat excess cholesterol. It has also proven to be a good remedy for lowering triglycerides, hypertension, heart disease or embolism, among many other ailments.


Yes, it dissolves cholesterol naturally

Dr. Estrada has stated in several interviews that the toad herb is the only natural medicine in the world that dissolves the solid cholesterol of the arteries and cleanses vital organs, such as fatty liver, from fat.

The herb, whose scientific name is Eryngium heterophyllum, is also a powerful adjunct in the treatment of diabetes, arthritis and other chronic degenerative diseases.

Since 1992, Dr. Estrada Lugo and a group of researchers from the UACh, have been dedicated to producing herbal formulas that have proven their effectiveness in more than 24 thousand patients until today, among which there are many people with high cholesterol levels.

The researcher clarifies without leaving doubts: the herbal formulas are only a complement to the drugs prescribed by the doctors. Against the cholesterol, the toad herb is valid, but also the appropriate medical treatment.

The solution to these serious health problems is undoubtedly in the hands of a doctor. Exercising and eating a healthier and more balanced diet will be two of the many recommendations that the specialist will make and that should be followed to the letter if you intend to prevent atherosclerosis, thrombosis or some type of heart attack, among other consequences of cholesterol not attended.

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