The aromas in the products

Did you know that the cempasúchil flower has other uses besides adorning your offering?

Scientists of the Institute of Biomedical Research of the UNAM, created from the flower of cempasúchil using biotechnology a sweet tobacco aroma, which benefits people addicted to nicotine.

This process of making this aroma lasts four months to be ready; the flowers are cured for three months and they are in the laboratory for a month and a specific bacteria is implanted that causes the aroma.

The treatment based on aromatherapy and consists of using extracts of essences that stimulate the brain, causing it to produce relaxation and tranquility.

In the specific case of tobacco, it is possible to create essences or perfumes that allow, by spraying a spray, to avoid the damages caused by nicotine.


The aromas in the products

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