These are its effects:

This plant has positioned itself as one of the key ingredients of different home remedies for medicine and beauty.

But there is a secret to enhance its properties: freeze it. All you have to do is cut the sheet, extract the gel and put it in the refrigerator in an ice mold.


These are its effects:


Varicose veins

They will disappear! Simply apply the aloe vera cube directly on the affected areas, so that the unsightly purple veins diminish gradually.



They appear due to the loss of collagen and elastin, but you can fade them or avoid them by passing a bucket over the affected or vulnerable areas.



If you have had them, you know how painful they are. The good news is that aloe vera is wonderful to give them "checkmate". Spread a little of it on canker sores and see for yourself.



Out of bars!

If you have acne breakouts, give small bumps with a bucket on the grain and, in a matter of hours, you will have eliminated it. The best thing is that with this method you will not run the risk of leaving marks or scars on your skin.




Did you burn? Give relief to your skin with this remedy. Rub on the skin with soft, circular movements. In a few minutes, you will notice how calm the ardor.



One way to speed up your digestion is to add a cube of frozen aloe in your juice or liquefied in the morning.



Did you wear your favorite heels and blisters on your feet? Aloe vera will be your best ally to eliminate them. Spread a cube on top of them and say goodbye!

The results will leave you cold!


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