Stages of sleep favor health

The dream is more than a period of inactivity of the body and brain, because it strengthens the immune system , helps restore the body after a long day and promotes the development of memory and learning.

There are various stages of dream that favor a restful rest, reason why it is important that they are destined at least eight hours for this purpose. Here we give you four phases:

  1. Wakefulness : It's when you spend all day awake; your body burns calories during the various activities you do and your senses are attentive 100%. When it gets dark, the melatonin production goes up and the body temperature decreases, which means that you feel tired and ready to sleep.
  2. Phase 1 : This is registered rapid eye movements. It is a period of transition between vigil and dream . It occurs in 10% of your complete rest cycle.
  3. Phase 2 : The heart rate and breathing are regularized; In addition, the temperature bodily. Continues to be a dream light, but repairing.
  4. Phase 3 : Your blood pressure decreases, muscles they relax, so that blood circulation is increased and the hormones of growth. It is when the body begins to charge of energy and to recover.
  5. Phase 4 or REM : This is distinguished by rapid eye movements, after 90 minutes of a person falling asleep. The brain is active, which is what allows dreaming. The muscles are paralyzed.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the Director of the Sleep Clinic of the UNAM, Reyes Haro Valencia , explains the importance of break for a person's health:

The lack of sleep can harm your health in general, as if you had a poor diet and did not practice any kind of exercise .

In case you have insomnia , you can resort to meditation or take a relaxing bath, so you disconnect from all the worries and stress of the day.

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